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We love to connect

Meet new people with Nutrimetics

From weekly pop-ins, events and masterclasses, we just love getting together - in-person and online! PLUS... join us online, on Facebook.. we have team group pages and the NZ Beauty Club - is a group that welcomes everyone for daily promotions and video tips.

LOVE Your Skin

Feel good about your skin with Nutrimetics

We will never make you choose between your well-being and results, or natural and effective. That’s why every skincare product in our range is enriched with plant based extracts and formulated without compromise to the highest compliance and safety standards, using only the best nature has to offer. Our products are dermatologically tested, cruelty free and naturally enriched.


Real People... Real Results

SUPER proud of the products we buy & sell

Tested on real people, every single skincare product in the Nutrimetics range goes through vigorous product trials. We have over 100 people in every trial team. Consultants use our new products for 4-8 weeks and report back in detail. If the new product doesn’t receive exceptional overall ratings, it won’t make it into our range. This keeps our standards exceptionally high. 

Beauty Product Savings - 24/7

Shop anytime and always be rewarded!

Be rewarded right from the get-go with up to 45% discount on your products as well as over $1200 in new joiner rewards - there is simply no limits to what you can earn and achieve with Nutrimetics!

From enjoying the benefits of being a home buyer to saving a little extra money, making a little extra money or creating for yourself, a new career path and unlimited income opportunities... the choice is yours and I absolutely guarantee, it's completely worth joining. 

Online Meeting
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