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About: Skin Story

Once upon a time, in the land of the long white cloud, someone decided to build a treatment room.. I created this treatment room room those who have never felt very good about their skin. For those who spend little time on putting themselves first. The people who might not even be comfortable in their own skin, let alone what it looks like on the outside. This website is for those who think it's far too late for you.. you feel you are too old, you are a long-time smoker or perhaps you feel you have too much irreparable damage to your skin. For the women who have "fat days" and days where every now and then, PJ's all day long seemed like a good idea. For those who have so many personal, family or financial obstacles. Basically, this room is for every New Zealander. To you... your skin has a story to tell and the best pages are still to be written... come and see Vickie and enjoy Fabulous skin, every day.

Skin Story embraces these key views:

  • To showcase skincare products and brands that are transparent with their ingredients.

  • To promote sustainability for a cleaner New Zealand.

  • To promote a healthy body image and to value every person's own beautiful skin story - both inside and out.

  • To embrace skincare education and to provide answers to skincare questions and skin conditions.

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