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To the sea, to the sea! I have been pleading for this trend, since I went on a cruise in 2017… cruises… remember them? Ahhh the good old days. On board, I spent many a day in the thermal spa suite (re-learning the art of relaxation) and I was blown away by the impressive range of products, infused with ingredients from the sea. So…. Move over Botanicals! Ingredients derived from the ocean are having a moment. While the beauty world has always focused on the power of plants, ocean plants and ocean sustainability programmes are gaining buzz lately. Think Sea Plasmas, Marine Collagens, Algae and Microorganisms. From Nutrimetics' we see a new anti-gravity masque (UltraCare+ Lift & Firm Power Masque) , which combines Marine Bio Actives that recharge skin energy for an instant lifting effect, plus Water Reserve Complex with ‘Red Seaweed’, for long lasting moisturising benefits. And check out the brand new re-launch of the Nutrimetics Restore PRO range, featuring some incredible new actives, including red algae extracts!

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