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Turn your shower time into a deeper time of relaxation and release the stress and tension by indulging in one of our shower steamers. This is perfect if you don't have a bath. Leave your shower feeling refreshed and contented.


Allow the oils in the shower steamer to be activated on the floor of your shower as the water hits it, releasing a pleasant aroma from the essential oils.


Lasts for approximately 10 minutes.


Choose from 5 different blends:

1. Revive - a beautiful invigorating blend of bergamot and mint.

2. Rayah - a warm, floral, sweet blend of vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood.

3. Balance - you will feel grounded and in the present moment with our frankincense shower steamer.

4. Clarity - an uplifting blend of eucalyptus and mint, to clear the airways and senses.

5. Peace - a grounding, warm and relaxing blend of juniper berry & lavender for that calming moment before bed.

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