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SKINCARE 2022 - Smokey eye is back!

SKINCARE 2022 - Smokey eye is back!

The smokey is back! Oh smokey, where have you been all my life?! With a lot of face mask wearing, accentuating your eyes is the job for your make up cupboard and a refined and flawless smokey eye has been seen… everywhere! How do you do this 2022 refined version that focuses more on the lash line rather than concentrated colour, over the lid… here’s how:

  1. Prime your lids with a good primer and sweep across a soft nude / beige base over the entire lid. I recommend: NC Blurring Face Primer and NC Velvet Finish Powder in your chosen shade.

  2. Use a soft black pencil (or you could try charcoal or brown) and trace along the base of both upper and lower lids. If your eye size is small and shallow, apply eyeliner to the bottom line, only going about a 1/3rd of the way in. Then take a pencil-shipped brush and smudge these lines gently, to remove any harsh lines. I recommend: NC Intense Waterproof Eye Pencil and NC Professional Eyeshadow & Smudge Brush.

  3. Then take a similar eyeshadow colour to your eye pencil, going over those same lines again, smudging softly so that it blends out a little.

  4. - Using a sharp-edged item (credit cards are good for this!), hold the card at the outside edge of your eye, on an angle (align with brow line) and using your smudge brush, go back over with your eyeshadow to create a slight extension of colour. Remove the card and using a clean brush, sweep eye shadow towards the centre, to maintain the clean sharp line you’ve just created.

  5. Apply two coats of mascara – first coat, covering top and bottom lashes… then wait until it sets, before adding a second coat for volume – apply using a zig zag motion with the mascara, following up and separating your lashes. I recommend: NC Extreme Volume Mascara

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